Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Cross Country Day..

Tuesday 21th August 2018 W.A.L.T:Write an amazing hook that will capture my audiences interest

“Bang” I heard the blocks clap together. I didn’t run because I have asthma. I was cheering for all of the runners that ran. I had to help out with everything that needed to be done. My heart was racing like a lion. I heard everyone running. “Yeah go you guys” I roared. I said to them “You are solid ”.  My heart was pumping up and down cheering for my niece, and my nephew’s “GO MAMA GO MAMA” “you can do this” I yelled at the top of my Lungs.  As she was running she overtook a girl. As soon as she got to the finish line I ran to go and give her a hug and a drink. I told her “Wow Mama good girl you rock this”.So yeah that was fun at cross country i actually enjoy it watching them run so ...

Cross Country was the best i enjoy the little whanuxs running it was like "Wow" .Marlie had came First
Dontae came Second And Tyson-Lee came third..The hole lot of them went to Ohaeawai 


  1. Hi lynette! I really like your blog and I really like cross country too! great post.

  2. hi Lynette I really enjoyed your piece of writing I love cross country as well

  3. Hi Lynette,
    great post. I love cross country as well. I hope to see more.

  4. Hi lynette! I really enjoyed reading your writing! What did you take place in at athletics? Did you enjoy it? The great use of vocab is awesome! Great work.